Greetings, and welcome to my personal website! I am delighted to offer my services as a chess grandmaster and chess coach online , specializing in private chess classes for kids and adults.  If you’re eager to enhance your skills, please don’t hesitate to book your first chess class with me. I am glad to assist you in achieving your goals and improving your game.

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About me

My name is Valery Filippov. I am an international Grandmaster and chess coach. My current USCF rating is 2656 and FIDE rating is 2553. I have been I have been instructing chess classes for 19 years.

In 1998 I won the Academic World Chess Championship. In 2005 I was in top 50 best players of the world.

I played with such strong chess Grandmasters as Michael Adams, Alexander Grischuk, Etienne Bacrot, Vassily Ivanchuk, grandmaster Peter Leko, and etc. I entered the national team in the chess Olympiad in 1998.

My huge playing experience gives me an opportunity to teach.

in 1998
I entered the national team in the chess Olympiad
in 1998
I won the Academic World Chess Championship
in 2001
I shared 1st place in the National Chess Cup final
in 2002
Won Carlos Torre Repetto Memorial for the second time
in 2004
Won Aeroflot Open
in 2005
I was in top 50 best Grandmasters of the world



These are personalized online chess lessons tailored to your schedule. In our initial session, I will evaluate your current skill level, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and based on this assessment, create a customized development plan exclusively for you. Subsequently, our chess classes will follow this individualized roadmap. Each session is designed to last for 60 minutes, utilizing a user-friendly interactive chessboard for effective learning. Following each lesson, I will provide homework assignments to reinforce your skills. Additionally, all instructional materials from our sessions will be permanently accessible to you.


My Remote Chess Coaching system is purpose-built to craft personalized development strategies for every student and empowers me to closely oversee their implementation. Unlike the multitude of online chess simulators available, this approach is dedicated to genuine skill enhancement rather than mere recreation. Through this system, your advancement remains accessible, irrespective of your time zone or availability. I can consistently track your progress, guaranteeing a steady and substantial improvement in your chess skills.
To get more information about Remote Chess Coaching system you can visit this page.

Who are my students

Professional chess players

Experienced players who look for chess classes for in-depth study of the game and help in preparing for tournaments. I coach them strongest chess openings, strategy, complex endgames in depth, and of course we prepare for games against specific opponents.

As a dedicated chess teacher, I have experience working with strong players, and I understand the intricacies of the game at a high level. Together, we will analyze your games, identify areas for improvement, and work on advanced techniques to enhance your performance.

Kids from 7 years old

Children who are just starting to play chess and want to master basic strategies, get their first USCF or online rating can benefit from my friendly and patient chess coaching approach on my online chess classes. As a chess coach, I ensure that kids feel comfortable and confident as they learn chess. I create a supportive environment where they can ask questions, practice, and grow as chess players. Whether your child is new to the game or looking to improve their skills, my online chess classes provide a convenient and effective way to explore the world of chess while having fun.

Adults with any goals

Adults with a wide range of objectives can also benefit from my chess coaching expertise. I will be happy to help you increase your rating on or win against your friends or relatives. Or, if you have ambitious goals and dream of entering professional sports, step by step, we will move together towards achieving this significant milestone. As your chess teacher and mentor, I’m dedicated to your success.

What do you need for our chess classes

For our chess classes we will need Skype and the lichess website.
Using a very convenient digital chessboard, you will have the opportunity to move the chess pieces and employ visual aids like arrows and circles for enhanced learning.  Moreover, all material from our chess classes will be saved forever on your computer. and you can review them at your own convenience!

About my chess coaching method

Individual approach

As a chess coach and grandmaster, my teaching method is anchored in the unwavering commitment to an individualized approach. I recognize that every student is unique, with their own strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles. By tailoring my instruction to each student’s specific needs and preferences, I aim to bring out the best in them and nurture their talents. This personalized approach fosters an environment where every aspiring chess player can feel heard, valued, and empowered on their journey to chess mastery.

The program of the chess classes

In crafting the program for my chess classes, I draw upon years of experience and expertise as a grandmaster. The curriculum is thoughtfully structured to cover a comprehensive range of topics, from basic strategies to advanced tactics. Students progress at their own pace, ensuring they have a solid foundation before delving into more complex chess concepts. This well-structured program serves as a roadmap for students, guiding them through the intricate world of chess step by step.

Method of teaching

My chess coaching method blends traditional chess theory with modern pedagogical techniques. I believe in the power of interactive and engaging chess classes that not only explain the “how” but also the “why” of chess strategies and tactics. I use real-world examples and practical exercises to help students grasp the intricacies of the game. Furthermore, I encourage critical thinking, problem-solving, and strategic planning, fostering not only chess skills but also valuable life skills that extend beyond the chessboard.

The diversity

One of the hallmarks of my teaching method is the diversity of chess experiences I offer. Chess is a multifaceted game, and I strive to introduce my students to the many facets of this fascinating world. Whether it’s learning from famous chess grandmaster games, analyzing classic chess openings, or exploring endgame strategies, I ensure that my students are well-rounded chess players. This diversity helps them develop a deep appreciation for the game and equips them with a broad set of skills to handle any chess challenge that comes their way.



I will teach you the best and strongest openings, containing a large number of traps. This will not only prevent early-game piece losses but also enhance your prospects for swift victories.


Working on errors is the most important part of studying. And this is the main reason why players can’t become better. Over and over again they repeat the same mistakes. My task is to find them and fix.


This is one of the most difficult parts of chess. I will teach you how to find the best plan in any situation and how to properly develop your pieces. This will help you feel confident in any opening, even an unfamiliar one.


Everyone hates endgames because they find them very difficult. But that’s not true. In our online chess lessons I will prove to you that endgames can be easily worked with and teach you to understand the basic principles. And in the end, this can become your strong side!


We will explore the ingenuity of the finest chess players, endeavoring to grasp their unique logic and strategic prowess. And of course, I will encourage you to discover their masterful chess combinations.


And of course we will play a lot! Very often I give my students positional or an advantage in time , so even if you’re totally a beginner, don’t worry, you’ll get a real chance of beating me!


$ 200
$ 950
$ 1750

Reviews about me

I've been working with Valery Filippov as my online chess coach for the past two years, and I can confidently say that this has been a transformative experience in my chess journey. When I first began my coaching with Valery, I had about 850 rapid rating on Now, with his guidance, I have reached a rating of around 2000, a testament to his exceptional chess coaching skills.
What stands out about Valery's chess coaching style is his ability to simplify complex chess strategies, making it easier to grasp key concepts. His explanations are to the point and don't overcomplicate things. I've learned a lot from Valery and continue to do so!
I've seen progress in my chess game thanks to Valery's chess lessons. I've become a more well-rounded player under Valery Filippov's guidance. He's knowledgeable and passionate about teaching chess. His teaching style works for me!
Working with Valery has been an absolute pleasure. He is always prepared, and tailors the experience based on what I want to accomplish. He listens, and has great communication. If that wasn't enough, his understanding of chess is something I aspire to have one day. And the only way to come close, is to have more lessons! I highly recommend Valery no matter what your level is.
Obviously being a chess grandmaster implies he’s incredibly good at playing the game which he is, but he’s also superb as a chess teacher, from the first minute I could tell that he’s very comfortable teaching, he had a game plan set up for our class and he was extremely patient with me simply being a beginner.
By the end of the first class I booked the second one and I’m looking forward to it.
Valery is an excellent instructor. I learned alot about positional chess, endgames and openings. I would reccomend to anybody! Wonderful chess coach.
Great chess teacher! My son found him effective and felt he brought a lot of concepts to him. He reviewed my sons rating and games and came with recommendations. We have already booked him again and plan to have weekly sessions
Valery is an awesome tutor. He taught tactics clearly and efficiently and gave really helpful feedback during our game. I've already started to notice an improvement in my chess after just one lesson!
Great chess teacher! Very thorough and gives clear guidance. Highly recommend him to anyone wanting to get better at chess!
Very nice impression!
Valery is not only very strong in playing and understanding chess, but also he is very good in tutoring. He has two talents combined together in one person - talent of playing and talent of teaching - and that is rare combination, I can say.
Thank you!! Valery Filippov's chess coaching has transformed my child into a confident chess player. Valery's impressive knowledge of the game, combined with his approachable teaching style, creates a nurturing learning environment. My son looks forward to each lesson and has gained valuable skills and a true appreciation for chess.
As a chess novice, I was lucky to find Valery . His structured chess lessons and insightful analysis have turned my games around. I'm grateful for his expertise.
Valery goes through anything you are struggling and is very patient. He is good at going through things step by step and shows how to go from one step to another. He helped me a lot. Thank you!
If you are wondering whether to choose Valery as your tutor for chess, I would highly recommend, he has a been a grate chess tutor and is very patient to explain each step of the problem!
Valery proved to be very knowledgeable and well experienced in his field. He really went above and beyond for me due to internet issues on my end to attempt to teach me, discuss and help me to understand all the materials.

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