Greetings, and welcome to my personal website! I am delighted to offer my services as a chess grandmaster and chess coach online , specializing in private chess lessons for kids and adults.  If you’re eager to enhance your chess skills, please don’t hesitate to book your first class with me. I am eager to assist you in achieving your chess goals and improving your game.

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About me

My name is Valery Filippov. I am an international chess Grandmaster. My current USCF rating is 2656 and FIDE rating is 2553. I have been teaching chess for 19 years.

In 1998 I won the Academic World Chess Championship. In 2005 I was in top 50 best players of the world.

I played with such strong chess Grandmasters as Michael Adams, Alexander Grischuk, Etienne Bacrot, Vassily Ivanchuk, grandmaster Peter Leko, and etc. I entered the national team in the chess Olympiad in 1998.

My huge playing experience gives me an opportunity to teach.

in 1998
I entered the national team in the chess Olympiad
in 1998
I won the Academic World Chess Championship
in 2001
I shared 1st place in the National Chess Cup final
in 2002
Won Carlos Torre Repetto Memorial for the second time
in 2004
Won Aeroflot Open
in 2005
I was in top 50 best Grandmasters of the world



These are personalized online chess classes tailored to your schedule. In our initial session, I will evaluate your current skill level, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and what you need to work on. Then, I’ll make a plan just for you to help you get better. After that, all our chess lessons will follow this plan. Each session will be about 60 minutes long, and we’ll use an easy-to-use chessboard to help you learn better. After each class, I’ll give you some homework to practice what you’ve learned. And you’ll always be able to access all the materials we use in our online chess lessons.


Not everyone has free time for individual lessons. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to agree on a time for lessons that is convenient for me and for the student. Especially if we are in different time zones. Also, some chess students prefer to study on their own at any convenient time. But not everyone knows exactly what to do.
Now there is a huge variety of different chess sites and simulators. But, unfortunately, most of them were created primarily for fun, but not for progress in chess. Therefore, I decided to create an effective learning system that will help the student to study according to a clearly structured plan and stay motivated at all times. To get more information, visit the page:
Remote Chess Coaching

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About my online chess classes

Individual approach

The primary principle underlying my chess coaching is the individualized approach. With each student, we craft a tailored program that caters to their specific needs and aspirations. This system ensures the utmost development of the child’s unique talents and capabilities.

You will see your progress

I will establish numerous intermediate goals for a student, tailored to their unique journey in chess. These goals may include achieving a specific rating on, mastering a designated number of assignments, delving into particular topics, or even aiming for the prestigious title of “chess grandmaster”.

Method of chess coaching

In my role as a chess coach online, I employ contemporary chess software as a pivotal component of our training regimen. So you’ll have the opportunity to manipulate pieces on the virtual chessboard, thoroughly review, and practice new concepts following our private chess lessons. Furthermore, after each session, I provide homework assignments and offer guidance to ensure you complete them successfully.

I will help you get practice

I organize online chess tournaments for my students, and I send out real gifts to the winners. During coronavirus pandemics, many live tournaments are canceled, so this is the right motivation to maintain interest.



I will teach you the best and strongest openings, containing a large number of traps. This will not only prevent early-game piece losses but also enhance your prospects for swift victories.


Working on errors is the most important part of studying. And this is the main reason why players can’t become better. Over and over again they repeat the same mistakes. My task is to find them and fix.


This is one of the most difficult parts of chess. I will teach you how to find the best plan in any situation and how to properly develop your pieces. This will help you feel confident in any opening, even an unfamiliar one.


Everyone hates endgames because they find them very difficult. But that’s not true. In our online chess lessons I will prove to you that endgames can be easily worked with and teach you to understand the basic principles. And in the end, this can become your strong side!


We will explore the ingenuity of the finest chess players, endeavoring to grasp their unique logic and strategic prowess. And of course, I will encourage you to discover their masterful chess combinations.


And of course we will play a lot! Very often I give my students positional or an advantage in time , so even if you’re totally a beginner, don’t worry, you’ll get a real chance of beating me!


$ 120
$ 580
$ 1100

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Do you have questions?
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