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Is chess a sport ? Yes! And here are 5 reasons why…

The question of whether chess is a sport has become as puzzling as the classic “chicken or egg” dilemma. Let’s clear things up. Today, we’ll explore why chess is considered a sport and which category it falls into.

chess is a sport. chess tournament

Reason #1: Chess is a Competition In sports, competitions aim to determine who has superior skills under the same conditions. Chess, like other sports, tests a person’s qualities. Just as speed skaters compete in speed and dexterity, chess players compete in attentiveness and clear thinking. The goal and competitive spirit are the same, making chess rightfully a sport.

Reason #2: Physical Fitness Matters in Chess Some argue that chess isn’t a sport because it lacks physical activity. However, the opposite is true. Chess demands an active lifestyle and good physical shape. Russian-Soviet chess champion Anatoly Karpov emphasized the need for physical preparation, stating that playing chess requires more energy than some sports.

Reason #3: Worldwide Chess Tournaments Chess tournaments happen globally, just like other sports competitions. Winning prestigious chess competitions brings the same national pride as excelling in figure skating, curling, or biathlon. The worldwide recognition and numerous tournaments make chess undeniably a sport.

Is chess a sport ? Yes! And here are 5 reasons why...

Reason #4: Training is Key to Chess Success Sports involve overcoming oneself and testing capabilities. Regular training is essential for athletes, not just for physical strength but also for mental acuity. Chess players, like other athletes, constantly train to keep their minds sharp and ready for intense, lengthy games.

Reason #5: Technique Matters in Chess In sports, technique is crucial for success. Similarly, in chess, players must understand techniques, switch tactics, and stay attentive. Just like a mistake in weightlifting can cost an athlete a prize, a miscalculation in chess can turn the tide of the intellectual game.

In conclusion, chess isn’t merely a game; it’s a professional sport recognized by the world since 1999. While it’s not an Olympic sport yet, discussions are ongoing, and changes might be on the horizon. Chess combines elements of art, science, and sport, making it a unique pursuit. Whether you dream of becoming a professional player or improving your online rating, I, Valery Filippov, a Grandmaster and chess coach, invite you to individual training to achieve your goals.

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