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Nurturing your Budding Chess Master

Often, most parents don’t expect much from their child’s chess lessons. For them, it is akin to taking their child to a drawing class. Studying? Busy? Interested? Good. So it’s also useful!

What is the best training regimen?

1-2 times a week individual lessons with a trainer (online if the child already knows how to use a computer).

Tournaments are mandatory: a mini-tournament (once a month) and a serious tournament (once in 3 months). So that a child can see, where they can use the acquired skills and be motivated for new achievements and victories.

Likewise, I wouldn’t cancel a children’s chess school once or twice a week, where the child could socialise with chess-playing peers.

Another important nuance: children’s coaches (working in a school or individually), apart from being skilled at chess, titles and titles, should have a psychological and/or pedagogical education. For this reason, a qualified chess coach who deals with young children, and provides services where chess-athletes are trained, charge.

The main thing is not to be forceful with a child. Chess should be a game for them, not an obligation. In order to succeed in chess, you have to love it. That’s what the first coach should do –  help you fall in love with chess.

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