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My name is Valery Filippov and I am an international Grand Master with a 2656 USCF and a 2553 FIDE rating. In the year 2000, I became the champion of the world amongst students. In 2005, I entered the top 50 of the best chess players worldwide.

I started teaching in 2005. I spent 8 years working at the Russian chess club. Since 2013, I have been teaching online. During this time, my students increased the rating by more than 5,000 points. I helped some students receive their first international chess titles (category). Others were interested in improving their online rating at

About coach

  • Grandmaster and coach with 19 years of teaching experience
  • In 1998 I won the Academic World Chess Championship
  • In 2004 I was in top 50 best players of the world.
  • My students repeatedly became champions of chess clubs, cities, and even states.

Every of my students has individual program. On the first stage my goal is to estimate your skill set. In other words – to understand the level of calculation, how good is the opening repertory, if he has heard about endgame etc. After that we create the plan of work on openings. I say which openings we must improve as soon as possible and which ones have to be known for future. Besides the openings very important point is endgame and strategy.

All of my classes I usually make as a dialog. It is never like I greet my student, talk throughout the class and say goodbye. My main task is to make lessons informative and interesting.

I will be glad to help you to become better in this amazing game! Just contact me and let me know what days and times are available for the first lesson!

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